Nathaniel Baldwin Biography

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Well Nathaniel Baldwin was born in Utah December 1, 1878. His family were members The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in other words they were Mormons. As a child he got very interested in technology and built his own bicycle and steam engine. Later on in life he studied at BYA (Brigham Young Academy), Utah State Agricultural College, and Stanford. He recieved a degree in Electrical Engineering and later returned to BYA to teach the studies of Physics and Theology. He was professor there when the name changed from BYA to BYU (Brigham Young University). The church are the owners of BYU and later discontinued the practice of Polygamy. Another professor John Tanner Clark convinced Nathaniel that the church made a mistake and that led to his Baldwin's firing and Clark's excommunication.

After getting fired from BYA, Baldwin worked at a Hydroelectric Plants at Snake Creek. He was also an electrician and air compressor operator while he worked with Sound Amplification using compressed air. He was trying to make more sensitive recievers but instead made the first modern headphone but they were really called baldy phones. Problem with that he couldnt find investors to help produce his headphones. In 1910, the U.S Navy thought it could be useful in the upcoming World War 1 and they bought 100 headsets and put Baldwin to his riches. His first ones were hand made in his own kitchen.

In 1914, Nathaniel built his own Radio factory in East Millcreek, Utah and called it The Baldwin Radio Company. The radio factory was the first high tech boom. He powered the Factory through a hydroelectric generator which he made out of bicycle wheels and piano wire. The company had 150 employees and $2 million dollars ($20 million in todays type of money) in annual sales in the 1920s. Nathaniel used his success to help with one of the Mormons movement.

Soon Baldwin found himself bankrupt because of some of his colleages. Later Nathaniel found himself in trouble with the same "colleages" in 1930 for mail fraud and was sent to 2 years in Prison. After this Baldwin gave up on inventing for the rest of his life. His legacy is still remembered to today, everytime someone plugs in their headphones into their Portable Music Device.

Economic Impact

He created a new listening device that allows you to listen to anything without bothering the people around you. The product costed around $75 to invent/create. He did find and have the U.S Navy as investors.

During his era the invention didnt really effect the economy but in todays world his creation would have been a huge impact. People didnt really buy the invention back then so they would have to spend less money on the creation but the Navy's purchase sent Baldwin to riches.

I believe you could call the invention expensive for this time. The Navy only did buy 100 sets and had alot of money after he sold them so therefore they would be expensive.

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song chart memes
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funny graphs - When Did the Batteries Die?

Cultural Impact

Nathaniel Baldwins Invention - This was created mainly to help people hear better, but in Todays world this would be for listening to music or a podcast without bothering the others around you.

Headphone Buds - These were created to be a much smaller, more portable kind of headphones. You will see these more often than others. They were made by Christine Ingemi.

Replacements - The original creation were made much smaller so they can be more easy to take with you on the go. So because they were smaller they began easier to lose so the replacements were made as well.

T.V Headphones - Sometimes the T.V can be hard to hear sometimes and people would like to hear it better so the Headphones for this were created.

Wireless Headphones - Now a days wires get in peoples way and wish they weren't there. So then some one created the wireless so now you're more free and more mobile and on the go!

Beats By Dre - Supposedly one of the best headphone brands in the world right now. These were created to help listeners, listen to all the music. Most people hear the lyrics never the whole beats but with beats you can get the full effect.

It actually has changed the life of people everyday, there is a giant percentage of people who plug in their headphones everyday and jam out to the fullest. There wasn't any resistance of the product he just couldn't really find investors but after they found it useful to radios and mp3s they sure were accepted. The Process for the patenting didnt really take long since he invented them, they were his brand and were even called Baldy phones.